Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary to ME

Today, July 1st, 2008 is a BIG day. It's the 10th anniversary of my freedom, I mean corporate downsizing, no I really mean retirement.

Wow, I cannot believe it's been ten years. And the best ten years of my life, I'm sure. I bought my motorhome in September of 1998, and how that has changed my life.

I think fondly today of all the people who've come into and gone out of my life in those ten years. The really good friends that I have, the really strange people I've met, those I've lost, those I'd like to lose. No, just kidding about that last.

I would also like to thank Bernie Ebbers, former head of Worldcom and MCI, for making my retirement possible. Bernie was cooking the books at MCI, and claimed to have very low expenses. My corporate giant, AT&T, couldn't compete with it's higher expenses, so it started laying people off in order to reduce expenses. So now I'm living the good life, Bernie's doing 25 years in the pokey, and AT&T got bought out. Who's the winner here? I chuckle a lot, thanking ole Bernie.

Here's to ten more good years. And here's hoping you are enjoying your life as much as I am mine.


Anonymous said...

bernie ebbers is a better person than you'll ever be.

Barbara and Ron said...

Happy Anniversary! And here's to twenty more years! I know I'm one of the really strange people you've met and I'm proud of it. Life is wonderful.

Bob Parker & Donna Huffer said...

Don't know who wrote that nasty note but don't you believe it.

Anonymous said...

GREAT ---- I retired on Sept. 1 , 1998 also ---- I guess it was a goog day........... your normal friend --- Will

sally said...

I'm sure you are having more fun than Bernie.

Anonymous said...

bernie may not be having fun now but I bet he was enjoying giving the hundreds of millions he gave to charity.. Not that you would know about that Sally.