Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm Saved! (electrical problem update)

Well, everything is fine now, all my electrical is working again, and I'm relieved, giddy and completely exhausted.

Yesterday morning we determined that the problem was not the inverter. Good, saved me a $471 repair bill, but bad, now we have to look further.

So I called Pete Bonine, who even long distance is a lifesaver. We told me how to isolate the circuit that was causing the problem, and with the help of my friends Mike Hoary and Bill Mikiewicz we did indeed find the circuit. Actually they did all the work. I took them out for pizza last night.

Early this morning I called Winnebago and spoke to Rod in their service department. Told him the problem, and he hunted for a few minutes, and finally said, well, the only thing on that circuit that would cause that large draw is the engine heater. I told him I never use the engine heater, but I dutifully went to look, and WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE?????? The engine heater was on. I turned it off and my problem went away.

So all of you that right away suggested I had something left on after I'd been hooked up, pat yourselves on the back, you were absolutely right. I looked at everything except the engine heater because I never use it. So now it's unplugged and I put tape over the switch so I won't be tempted to accidentally turn it on again.
It is next to the electric water heater, which I do remember turning on.

I'm so glad it was only that, and I'm kicking myself for turning it on. I don't remember to do it, but of course I did. I'm glad that you all have never done anything that dumb, right?


Barbara and Ron said...

Well, that is really cool that Rod could pinpoint it like that. Of course, I'm wondering, "What the heck is an engine heater?" Do you suppose the cats turned it on. You know what little tricksters they can be.

Vivan Lantry said...

It's great to have friends to help out with those electrical problems, no? It's good that you found the source of your problems, and that things are more or less back to normal. Leaving the engine heater unplugged should save you from wasting energy as well.