Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome Back

I took a little time off for good behavior, but am now back on the road. I joined up with my WIN friends in El Jabel Colorado. The WINs, as you may remember is a traveling singles club. Each year in the fall we do a kayak trip south. This year my good friend Joey Shelton created a new trip, called CUACK (Colorado, Utah, Arizona California Kayaking) and El Jabel is the first stop of the trip. We had a great time.

For pictures of our bike trip From Aspen south, check out Barbara's blog, where you will see pictures, even of me in my biking splendor. My earmuffs broke about half way, just as the rain started, so I'm still shaking off a stuffed up ear. But it was fun, cold and rain and all.

(I'm not posting any pictures today because we do not have an internet signal where we are parked, so I am sitting in the Moab city park running my laptop on batteries.)

After El Jabel we spent a week in Grand Junction CO where we again had a great time. Went on a lovely 20 mile bike trip. I love my bike. The group also did a couple of kayak trips in which lots of folks overturned. It's not a good day on the water until you get wet.

Now we're at Moab, seeing the many sights here. Four wheel drives, sightseeing, hiking abound.

Soon we'll be off to Page, where 48 of us (not me) will spend a week on 4 houseboats on Lake Powell. Surely a trip of a lifetime. The rest of us will be pet sitting for those on the boats. Can't wait to hear the stories they'll have.

So, I am alive and kicking, and well rested. Hoefully we'll have better internet coverage in Page, and I'll post some pictures. Bye for now.

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Barbara and Ron said...

And we're glad to have you back!