Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween - a Great Time by One and All

Here are the pictures I took of our Halloween party, which was held at a small RV park near Golden Shores, Arizona. We all had a great time, even though the temperature was about 85 at 6pm that night. Everyone's makeup pretty much ran off in a few minutes.

But the costumes were great. Here are some of them, and the prize winners:

Brad's costume went right by me; they had to tell me he was "the King and EYE"

I didn't know who this was, he didn't say a word. Turns out it was Chuck, and he won a prize for the creepiest.

Joey told us she was a social butterfly, but I thought she looked like a demented Rad Hat lady. And what is houseboat Bob doing in the background there??????

I don't know where John got this clown outfit, and why he thought I could put makeup on ANYBODY is beyond me, but doesn't he look cute? All that makeup ran down his chin a little while later.

I loved LJ in this cowboy outfit. How unique!! She won a prize, too! (I forget for what, sorry LJ)

Our trio of nuns was very cute, but they kept trying to hide their drinks!! Left to right is Joanne, June, and Shirley.

I'm not sure who this was. These people who don't say anything, I can't tell who they are. Wouldn't want to meet this character in a dark alley, though.

Doesn't Rich look adorable, all ready for bed. He reminds me of my grandmother, well, all except the beer.

Vivian must have been burning up under this costume. But she won first place. WOW, great job, Viv!

I think Randy was just trying to stay cool on this hot night, but he won the prize for the scariest. 'Nuff said!!

Max said it was a costume, but we think he just wandered into the wrong holiday!

Judy was very cute as a cat like creature. Meow!

Judy came as "the morning after" and Vicky was the referee. I think the eyelashes did Judy in.

Bob looks pretty creepy, too. I'm sure his makeup didn't last long.

After the costume judging and finger food eating, the games began. They were hilarious, and I won't even mention the one with the marshmallows.

They talked John and LJ into donning these pumpkin outfits for one of the games. All the guys lined up behind LJ, and all the ladies lined up behind John. Everyone had a balloon, which he/she blew up and then attempted to stuff into the outfit via the slit in the front. You can see the results.

Oh, Man, he's never going to live this down!!!!!

Doesn't LJ just look too cute?

This crowd is just amazing. They are so creative, and the main goal is to have fun. They certainly accomplished it on Halloween. The local people we corralled into judging our costume contest had fun, too, and thanked us for bringing the holiday to them. Great Time, everyone.


Barbara and Ron said...

Terrific pictures - thanks for sharing them. I can't believe how clever everybody is!

Winpres03 said...

Thanks for the laugh!! These guys are hilarious.

Hugs, Sharon