Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thanks to the Escapees RV Club

Some RV groups claim proudly that they are not political. That's certainly their choice; they have a right to run their organizations any way they want to.

But I'm glad I belong to one group who proudly is political - The Escapees RV Club. They do so much good for all RVers out there, we should take a minute to thank them.

In early May 2009. the State of Maine proposed a law that would ban RV parking in any public parking lot. The Escapees found out about this proposed law (which was inspired by the Maine Campground Owners Association - no surprise there) and sent out an alert to it's members. It asked us to call or email or write to the legislators and the tourist groups in Maine to protest.

So I did, and it took me all of ten minutes to fire off ten or so emails politely asking for their support in defeating this proposed legislation.

I got another alert from the Escapees a few days later saying that the legislation had been defeated, thanks in large part to the response of RVers, and asking us to again write emails, this time thanking those people for their support.

Thanks, Escapees Club, for keeping tabs on the political scene and letting us know so that we can participate in events that affect us all.

So for you RVers who are not political, the next time you go to Maine and park in a Wal-Mart overnight, please think of us proudly political RVers who helped maintain that privilege for you.



Barbara and Ron said...

You are so right! The Escapees Club looks out for us.

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