Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm not in Kansas any more

I've stayed at Fraternal Organization's lodges quite often, usually in cities because it's the best, cheapest, safest thing around. I've seen my share of police activity in those urban settings. Once in Payson, AZ, once in Mesa, AZ, and most recently in Henderson NV while I was parked at the Elks.
I didn't quite understand why it took five vehicles and 9 policeman to get one guy. They even brought out a dog.

The activity in Mesa was the most spectacular. Starting around midnight, and lasting for at least two hours, there were no less than eleven vehicles, a set of dogs, a helicopter with spotlight hovering above, shotguns, and riot shields, all to catch one guy. I'm guessing they were looking for another one, but didn't get him. When the one guy was laying on the ground with his hands on his head, I was wondering if they were going to start beating on him and whether I should get the camera. I was relieved to see that not one blow was taken. Hat's off to the Mesa police and sheriff for taking the high road on this one.

I don't want to give you the impression that I park in bad areas. I don't. Unfortunately whenever you get lots of people together these days, there will be crime. I wasn't anywhere near the action, just safely in my RV watching out the window.

Anyway, I'm not in the city any more. I'm sitting now at a casino just north of Albuquerque, on the edge of the property. And suddenly I see police activity here too. Am I never going to get away from it????? But wait! What have we here!

Escaped cows! Two black and seven brown cows (I'm a city girl and can't tell the gender). They're out and running free. Corral those doggies!!!! And to the rescue comes the security guy in his pickup truck to herd these wayward kids home.
Finally he got them all rounded up and went ... somewhere. All is quiet again here on the edge of the desert. I guess I'm not in the city any more. I'd much rather have this kind of capture.

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Did the cats enjoy the show?