Friday, May 16, 2008

John's Nest

While I was in Show Low (AZ), I was able to see my friend John Clairmont build his summer nest. He and three others went together to buy a lot. Then he and Jon Tremellen laid out the four pads. In two or three weeks, these guys, and others from the neighborhood, did an amazing amount of work to make an empty lot a summer home to four RVers.

He bought a water tank, so that water can be hauled in. In the winter, the tank will go into the container for safekeeping until the spring.

This the John's Tricky Post. When he's out in the middle of the desert, he sets this outside, and connects the electric and water to it. Makes people go crazy: "Where did you get electric out here?" they'll ask. What a deranged sense of humor.

This is his front yard. Easy care, no watering, no mowing, doesn't even have to paint the cinders. How nice is that. Has a pull-through driveway.

He has been looking for a summer place for a while, and he just loves the area. Lots of nice folk to see, lots to keep him busy. I'm happy for him.


Barbara and Ron said...

Great pictures - we almost feel like we're there. Unbelievable what John and Jon accomplished in such a short time.

Bob Parker & Donna Huffer said...

If they need something more to do this summer we have a lot up there somewhere and they could develop it for more WIN friends to stay. :)