Saturday, May 24, 2008

Safe and Sound in Greeley

Well, I got to Greeley yesterday afternoon, just in time to see some serious winds arrive. I had just pulled to a stop at the local Moose Lodge when the winds started. I'm so glad I wasn't on the road, because it was a southeasterly wind, not quite a tailwind.

The weather has been crazy everywhere. This area is getting tornadoes, Show Low had a blizzard, even snow in Durango, according to Lloyd's blog. Summer should be here soon, and look at all this crazy weather. The tornadoes should be over here, now, though.

Joey and I drove to Cheyenne last night to have dinner with another RVing friend who was passing though, Shirley Bradley. Of course I forgot to take the camera. I am shirking my duties as a blogster, I know. I'll do better. Honest.

I'll be here for a few weeks, just hanging out and waiting for the diesel prices to go down. How long can I hold my breath? Yeah, I know, it isn't going to happen. It's 312 miles from here to Gillette. Man, I hate to pay $4.50 for fuel, even though Wyoming has the cheapest gas in the country, according to I'm debating whether to go to Gillette for the Escapees RV Club 30th Birthday Party and Escapade, but I suppose in the end I will go. Because, after all, if I change the way I live, they've won. (Oh, wait, is that terrorists or gas companies?)


Barbara and Ron said...

Funny as that last line is, you know you should do just what you want and don't worry about cost.

Have you talked Joey into a blog yet? Say "hi" to her from us.

Froggi Donna said...

The weather is definitely in Camp Verde we were over 100 on Mon/Tue, Wed was great, since then it's been rain & needing to turn on the heater from time to time. May is supposedly the second DRIEST month around here. Jeesh!

Hope to see ya at the Escapade! Figure I'll find a spot to sit after that but definitely planning to go.