Friday, May 23, 2008

Still in Denver

I am going to Greeley, Co. to visit Joey. I was going to go this morning. But yesterday they had a lot of tornado activity near there, and more severe weather forcast for this afternoon. I'm safe and fine sitting in a lovely Eagles Aerie in Aurora, waiting for the weather to pass.

Joey is fine, the tornado didn't come anywhere near her. In that area, though, they had a lot of hail damage and high winds. Semis and a train were blown over. Compared to that, I would be in sorry shape in a tornado.

So I'm waiting it out. May go up later this afternoon, after the storms move through. It's only 58 miles from here, and it's light until 8pm. So don't worry about me. I try to stay out of tornado areas.

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WINpres03 said...

Please give Joey my love and lots and lots of hugs! Thanks.

Hugs, Sharon